Thomas Mullen

Software Developer

About Me

I am a third year Software Engineering student who is passionate about efficient programming, user-oriented design, and coding for a cause.

I'm fascinated with distributed systems, video streaming, machine learning, and how society interacts with software. Javascript is my specialty, but I'm also experienced in Java, C, and Python (among others).


IBM May 2016 - May 2017

Front-end development on IBM's Business Process Manager enterprise software.

Leader of the FutureBlue web team, a group that helps interns develop their technical skills and create innovative products. We designed and deployed several production applications.

Some extra-curricular projects I worked on include: an AI training platform for educational purposes, a Slack chatbot to define technical terms, the official FUBU website, and much more.

1st place at the 2016 CASCON hackathon for a scheduling application.

Aiva Labs March 2016 - May 2016

Lead of front-end development during the company's launch.

Aiva Labs is an innovative startup that is using machine learning to generate and test CTA designs.

Design and development on the company website and CTA builder.

Marauder Drones September 2015 - Present

Digital Content Manager for the McMaster quadcopter club.

The group designs and builds quadcopter drones to educate and inspire students about aeronautical engineering.

I built the club website, a custom CMS and an online recruitment platform.



An open-source framework to run Node.js servers in the browser.

HyperHost was designed to make web hosting as fast and accessible as possible, removing the need for 3rd party services when traffic is low.

It currently has 26+ stars on Github and my own instance receives over 180 visits a month.

Built with PeerJS, Browserify and WebSQL.


A comprehensive collaboration tool for web developers.

MultiHack features a web-based IDE, real-time collaboration, instant deployment, and voice calls.

It currently has 33+ stars on Github and my own instance receives over 430 visits a month.

The companion extension for Adobe Brackets has 2600+ installs.

Built with, PeerJS, Microstache (my own templating library), and HyperHost.


A fun sandbox physics web game.

Grayscales lets users interact with virtual fish. It simulates water using a fixed-spring model. The fish form a simple swarm AI.

I created this in 2014 in order to learn web graphics. It is entirely custom.



A Node.js package for end-to-end HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) servers. Makes HLS live streaming easy and accessible, without expensive services or complex setup.


A one-to-many P2P broadcast platform for live streaming. The cost of live-streaming video servers is in the millions, and my platform can reduce costs by over 95%. TBA


A WebRTC signalling library that makes it simple to create complex distributed networks. Built for simple-peer, of which I am a maintainer.

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